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Welcome world!

It’s my first article


My philosophy of life

Nowadays, if you open any book on success, personal growth and other modern stuff, be sure to read that if you want to achieve something in life, you need to struggle to the best in something, for example, in what you do in life.

It seems to me, to be the best is the “disease” of modern person. The people attend trainings to acquire skills that help to stand out from the crowd, to be the best among friends, colleagues, on a career path, etc. They buy books to find the knowledge that will help them to become professional or wealthy. Almost every newfangled Western guru assures us that we will achieve success doing this or that practice. Therefore "Do better than others! Strive for perfection!" is the motto of modern civilized society and a common philosophy of life of many people.

As for me, I think that to be better than others does not mean to be happier than others. To be better is not to get more satisfactory life. As for me, it's just a rating or a rule taken by the human society due to the wish to standardize and normalize everything.

Moreover, I believe that everything is subjective: what is classified as "better" today may be categorized as "worse" tomorrow. My opinion differs from majority as I think that the person who takes the path of continuous self-improvement and constant striving to be better, is risking never to meet life as it is as such person is orientated for “tomorrow” and not living life fully “today”.

So me personally, I don't struggle to be the best. I understand that I am already unique, because there is no “another me” on the planet. I enjoy such uniqueness and that's it.

Understanding own uniqueness also makes me happy, fills my life with freedom, primarily the freedom to feel, to think, to live, based on my own values and beliefs. Believe me or not, this is the most important human task.

Though, my path to personal uniqueness is not finished and probably will end only with the end of life. To grow, to cherish your own uniqueness – that's really important and vital I would say. That’s my philosophy of life.

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How you can write a research paper for college

Research papers are widespread at colleges and universities. If you have never written them before, that can be quite a challenge. And as these kinds of writings influence grades a lot, students tend to worry a lot about them.

If you want to make research paper writing easier for you, follow these guidelines:

  • Choose an interesting topic and make sure you can find a lot of information on it.
  • Make a good thesis statement.
  • Make a list of sources choosing credible ones.
  • Make an outline that will help you with organizing your time and work.
  • Read the information and take notes on the main points.
  • Divide the topics of your outline into subtopics.
  • Make a rough draft of your research; it can be revised later several times.
  • Reread and correct your paper several times until you are sure that it is how you want it to be.
  • Include citation, bibliography and a title page. Proofread it one more time to make sure there aren’t any typos.

There are different types of format for research papers that may differ from college to college. You can read more about the basic format of any traditional research paper for colleges here; check it right now if you want.

If you are still not so sure that you can write your research paper according to all the requirements or that you may not finish it in time, you can order a custom-written paper from a specialized writing service. Skilled writers will help you with your important assignment and your time and mental health will be saved.


Welcome world

It’s my first article


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Does your writing business enterprise furnish report formatting and proofreading service?

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Can An individual Do My Groundwork to me?

Can An individual Do My Groundwork to me?

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